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Factors of Success in Storm Robustness: Design and Installation Best Practices

Agencies with sites located in climates that experience regular severe weather events face unique challenges when procuring new onsite solar PV and battery storage systems. Similarly, maintaining systems in these climates poses unique challenges. The main challenges for agency managers procuring new systems are to ensure that systems are appropriately engineered for expected site weather conditions. Codes and standards still lag behind field experience, requiring project engineers to utilize complementing engineering guidance.

T09-S08 Project Development in a Carbon Free Future

This training session will examine how agencies can switch from traditional fossil fuel consuming technologies to lower carbon alternatives. Decarbonizing federal facilities will require a combination of efficient, clean, and high-performance technologies deployed through innovative partnerships. Energy resilience for federal facilities requires onsite distributed energy resources (DERs). Understanding the reliability of DERs is critical in designing and predicting the performance backup power systems.